Thursday, April 16, 2009

Official Launching...

Assalamualaikum & Hello all!

Welcome to my online cake shop! I am now officially launching my online homemade cakes - 2009 hope this will be a great beginning... Insyaallah...

I made cupcakes & cakes for family & friends. With the interest to learn the art of baking cakes & cakes deco, now I hope to get the opportunity to make for others.
There are some samples that I have made & more to come! You can find the designs in product gallery link at the sidebar. Appreciate your comments & since for now there are not many samples, I am more than happy to make & try the best of any design that u request.....(still new & learning...)

With this official launching of my cake blog, I will be joining an event to sell & promote my products. It will be my very 1st event! Appreciate if you could come & support... At the same time you can check out all the other booths selling cool stuff! Or can 'cuci-cuci mata' ke...hehehhehe :P

Ha somemore there will aslo be other activities such as... Health Screenings, Battle of the Bands, LIVE Permormances, & Fashion Show! Cool!

25th & 26th April 2009
12.00 noon till 12.00 midnight

(click on map to enlarge)


Apologize for the delay of this blog & the longest time of menyepi diri :P. I appreciate all your support. Special appreciation to my beloved hubby fais, my parents, sisters, brothers & friends in Chevron (M) (to mention some...Hyneeis & HR team, dearest friends anis, wani (er...sesat plak minah scomi ni kat sini), rose, syeeda & Kak linda & Kak Ainun! TQ TQ TQ :)

Enjoy & hv a nice day!

lots of luv JAMIE

A:fair Weekend BIGGEST Bazaar @ SOHO KL on the 25th and 26th April 2009.

Hi all!

AFair Weekend Bazaar will be on again & this time Pretty Lil' Cakes will be joining too! :)
There will be many booths selling cool stuffs & also other activities such as fashion show, LIVE band & many more! So block your dates this 25th & 26th April 12 noon till 12 midnight & come & join us! See you there!

Check out this website for more info on the event: